Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Cleanup? What is the schedule for the day?

The 21st Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup has been postponed due to COVID-19. Please check back for more information on a rescheduled 2021 date.

Is there a rain date for the Cleanup?

The Cleanup is a rain or shine event.

How can I register for the Cleanup?

Volunteers can register for the Charles River Cleanup by viewing our site map and contacting the site coordinator that corresponds to the location where you would like to volunteer.  Please click the highlighted project area you are interested for information on how to register.

When will registration close for the Cleanup?

Registration for the Cleanup will close as sites fill, with sign-ups closing 1 week prior to the Cleanup.

Is there a fee to participate in the Cleanup?

The Charles River Cleanup is free for all community members, with a suggested donation of $5 per person to help support management and supplies. However, a donation is required for corporate groups to participate. This donation will go directly to the non-profit hosting your project. Please view our fees page for more information.

Where do I meet my group for the Cleanup?

You will receive information on your exact meeting location and project details like what tasks you'll be doing and what to bring, from the coordinator at the non-profit hosting your project. Please contact the non-profit coordinator in your service area with questions specific to your project.

What supplies are provided for the Cleanup? What should I bring?

Trash bags, gloves, and pickup sticks (depending on site) will be provided. Some regions will also provide snacks and water; check with the coordinator at your site. Prior to your project, you will receive an update from your site coordinator with specific details on meeting location, what to bring, and more.

At the completion of the Cleanup, volunteers will stack trash which will be collected by municipal public works departments or the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Each volunteer team will then fill out a form reporting how many pounds of trash they collected and what items they found.

What if I have specific questions like transit options, nearest restroom, water availability, and more?

Each project is held at a different site across the Great Boston region. You will receive specific details via e-mail from your site coordinator in advance of your project that outline how to get there, if water or snacks are available, where the nearest restrooms are, and more.


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